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Instructions for placing ads and uploading images

  • Browsers - Netscape versions 3.0 and later have the ability to upload images. Supposedly IE 3.02 and later will upload images if you add the "upload plug-in".
  • Images must be 60K or less as either a gif or jpeg.
  • Click to MAPQUEST to create maps to your location. Save the created map to a folder/directory in "My Documents" etc. The last step in the placing an ad sequence will ask "Would you like to attach a picture to your ad?". Select "yes" to upload the map image for your ad.
  • Additional instructions for placing ads are available from Placing an ad tips.
  • If you have any questions regarding our system please do not hesitate to contact us Webmaster@eventdirectory.com or call 336 855 8526.

  • You may place ads with text directions.
  • Use a graphic program to create a map.
  • Scan an image from a map and modify with an image editor. (be careful of copyright on maps)
  • When you do alternate ads through brochures,newsletters, newspapers, radio, and etc., be sure to publish the URL "http://www.eventdirectory.com" or "www.YardsaleAds.com". These URL addresses are easy to remember so your event information is conveniently and readily available wherever there is Internet access. Your potential customers have the ability to print out from their computers all necessary information including maps to your location.
  • Ads are set to default off a few days past the event date.
  • Two positions have been placed on the listing to allow posting the URL of your website and an additional URL that can provide accommodation information for your event.
  • All ads you place are free for a short time during beta testing but will be $10 per event listing for "eventdirectory.com". The vendors listing are inially free and will be $10 per 30 days or an annual listing of $100.
  • Please email us ideas or suggestions on how to make improvements to "eventdirectory.com" that would aid the promotion of your event.
  • As you can see from the event category list "eventdirectory.com" will effectively provide information from your local yard sale to international symposiums.

  • Have the staff of Virtual Marketing Systems customize and/or place your ads
  • Mail or email contact information along with a photo or map to VMS. The charge is $10 for a 30 day ad or $100 for a year.
  • Price for creating a map pinpointing your location is an additional $15.
  • Scanning and posting your event brochure is an additional option.
  • If you would like a web presence with 2 images along with content information that you provide, the rate is $100 for the ad. Once an ad is made you could use it year to year with updated changes.
  • More sophisticated web site prices start at $395 and up depending on the complexity.
  • Web sites VMS creates for you will be hosted free the first year.

Please contact us for any questions or other information you may need.

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